How to customize and improve i3wm

• Written by dikiaap

I set i3wm to have more functions and I need that to get a better user experience. I need a launcher, notification, bar, and the icons that are simple and can be customized.

Oxide i3


When I open the app, I organize them into different workspaces and sort the apps that are related to each other.

Workspace 1: Terminal
Most i3wm users set their first Workspace is for Terminal. It makes it easy for i3 users because most of them often use Terminal for the first time entering the window manager.

Workspace 2: Editor and IDE
I put Editor and IDE in the second Workspace because it is close to Terminal and easy to switch.

Workspace 3: Browser
Workspace 3 is for Browser, related to Workspace 1 and 2 when I do coding.

Workspace 4: Files
File Manager is my 4th priority to Workspace 4, because this apps is often used following previous workspaces.

Workspace 5: Documents
I love writing things, so I put them here.

Workspace 6: Media
This is for media like music and video. I use Workspace 6 because the word of Music.

Workspace 7: Design
This Workspace is for stuff like GIMP, Inkscape, etc. I put it in the middle of workspace and because I rarely used it.

Workspace 8: Chat
This is a somewhat far away workspace and most of the workspace around here is bored, so I send it here to make a noise.

Workspace 9: General (Random Apps)
This Workspace is may be for an important or slightly important or unimportant apps that I don’t know where to put it.

Workspace 10: Settings
This workspace is for controlling my OS, such as Desktop Preferences, Default Applications, Keyboard and Mouse, Monitor Settings, Power Manager, and more.

Advanced User Experience

To get a better user experience I have to install some apps like:


A flexible scheduler for your i3bar blocks.

Oxide i3blocks


A neat screen locker for i3.



An application launcher and dmenu replacement.

Oxide Rofi


A highly configurable and lightweight notification daemon.

Oxide Dunst


To give a shadow effect and smooth appearance.


A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator.

Font Awesome

The iconic font that I use in my bar, editor, and around the web that have emojis. 😄

Zsh and Oh My Zsh

A shell and community-driven framework that designed for interactive use and managing my Zsh configuration.

Oxide Zsh

All of these configurations can be found in dikiaap/dotfiles on GitHub.

If you need more inspiration for customization, you can visit /r/unixporn on Reddit.

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