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8 Mar 2017 • Written by dikiaap

Before you publishing your articles to Medium. You must be known what medium is.
I give you a short description.

Medium is an online publishing platform developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, and launched in August 2012.

The platform is an example of evolved social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium and is regularly regarded as a blog host. - wikipedia

That was wikipedia says. So much kind of people are using Medium as their media publication.
As far as I know, there are so much categories on Medium. Such as Technology, Human, Culture, and Business. Almost of my times I just reading technology blog on Medium as well. That what’s I interested. But you can choose what you’re interested too, with following another accounts on Medium and like another social media does, search what accounts in your thought is the best and follow them. So their feed can be displayed in your Medium homepage.

Why Medium is great?

That is. Medium is great but you know, they aren’t would be the best platform forever. Out of there, we had publishers that they aren’t just using Medium. They are might be has their own website or working at the blog company. Yeah, Medium is great for individual, community, and also for me. :smile:

Well, I think I’d like to move my articles about review and something too related with programming to Medium. This wouldn’t be post so much and would be looks quite dead though. So, I just post important things and I use this for my personal blog and little bit about programming.

If you wanna read my articles that publishing on Medium, here we are - @dikiaap

Happy writing and reading!

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